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Enterprise-Ready Learning Analytics Tool

Collect and standardize data across your learning ecosystem to automate reporting, reduce scrap learning, and aid in the continuous improvement of learning and development.

Associate Director at Verizon

- Dwayne Thomas -

When I pick a vendor, I look for someone I think is going to make not a good vendor, but a good partner. I felt that with [Watershed] I was going to get that unique partnership that would help drive me into the future—and they've absolutely delivered.

Digital Program Manager at Caterpillar

- Alfonso Riley -

Watershed is the brain of our global learning ecosystem, tracking and measuring learner behavior. The capability to collect and standardize data across all learning platforms in a standard format, regardless of the source, aids in the continuous improvement of the learner experience.

Learning happens everywhere, and now you can capture and track it with Watershed's learning record store and learning analytics platform.

Centralized Reporting

Get the key reports designed to answer common questions about learners and their activities.

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Data Aggregation

Aggregate data from learning and performance systems via xAPI, proprietary connectors, and the data conversion engine.

Publishing and Sharing

Send reports to colleagues or embed them in other systems. Easily download your data or feed it into BI tools.

Debugging Tools

Get real-time feedback that enables developers to quickly troubleshoot issues and check unexpected results.

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Interactive Dashboard

Organize your reports by learning program, or create dedicated dashboards per department or role.


Integrate your existing learning tools to improve visibility into learning data and enhance reporting capabilities.

Connect Your Learning Ecosystem

Aggregate data from learning and performance systems and track learning wherever it happens.

Collect and Standardize Data

Have a digital ecosystem with a single source of truth for learning and performance data.

Prove Business and Learning Impact

Create, automate, and share reports and insights across your organization or academic institution.

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